Kew Wedding At 
Cambridge Cottage

 Adri and Rudy's Wedding


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The Wedding is at 37 Kew Green
London, TW9 3AB
The wedding starts at 2:00PM, and continues on with evening dinner and dancing until 10:30 PM

Important! The entrance to Cambridge Cottage is NOT from
the Main entrance or the Victoria Gate entrance.
It is a private entrance at the top of Kew Gardens, on 37 Kew Green

Note: Although you can get to Cambridge Cottage from inside Kew Gardens, it's not a good idea, because you would have to pay an entrance fee, which you don't have to do when you enter Cambridge Cottage at 37 Kew Green.

About gifts: It is the pleasure of your company in celebration with us that we are looking forward to, so no gifts are necessary. If you feel that you want to bring a gift, then please - something small, as we have no space to store anything just now.